Our Sim

Our SIMS offer connectivity across most of the UKs major Mobile Phone Networks.  That means no internet interruptions, dropped signal or downtime.

Holiday makers and owners will be given the opportunity to purchase a choice of data bundles, for the duration of their stay. Connectivity will be supplied via fixed and portable 4G routers.


By simply jumping to another stronger network.  When connectivity drops, our service jumps to an alternative mobile network.

Be in Control

Caravan Connections has an effective management portal that provides control over packages and detailed reporting.

Benefits of the CC portal

  • Ability to view live data usage
  • Diagnostic tools for connectivity troubleshooting including ability to test connection status, send network messages etc.
  • Ability to suspend and unsuspend SIMs
  • Ability to see in session devices at a glance
  • Billing and reporting


4G Router

A 4G Router or 4G LTE Router is a wireless broadband router that uses 4G Connectivity to provide Internet Services. These 4G routers use LTE technology to provide high speed mobile internet services with download speeds up to 50 or 100Mbps and significantly faster upload speeds. If you are in an area that has access to a 4G LTE network and you want to share your 4G LTE service with multiple users then our high speed 4G routers will provide you with wired and wireless WiFi LAN connectivity for all your devices.