Caravan Connections Specialises in Providing Internet Connectivity Solutions for Holiday Parks and in Areas Where Connectivity is Limited.


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Ideal Opportunity for Park Owners to Earn Additional Revenue and Provide Wi-Fi Solutions to their Customers


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Easy to Install and Setup Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity at Cost Effective Prices


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Multi-Network Sims, means you are not dependant on only one mobile network.  If internet connectivity drops the connection will simply Jump to another Mobile Network.


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Internet Connectivity to your Caravan or Holiday Home via the Mobile Phone Network


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Technology is best when it connects us together…

Caravan Connections is part of Telecoms Savings Ltd, which was established in 2004.  Working in partnership with leading mobile network partners we have developed mobile internet connectivity packages that deliver High Speed Internet Connectivity across the strongest mobile network in your area.  Connectivity can be provided to –

Static Caravans * Touring Caravans * Holiday Homes * Remote & Rural Locations

Our SIMs work across all of the UK’s major mobile phone networks, ensuring you always have connectivity wherever you are.  This offers fast 4G internet connectivity to both holiday home and caravan owners, plus holiday makers.

This is an ideal revenue opportunity for Park Owners and is easy to manage.


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